Have you ever felt an aching in a tooth but chosen to ignore it? Unfortunately, visiting a dentist can seem like an inconvenience. Even worse, most people associate the dentist with pain—both to your teeth and to your wallet. However, did you know that waiting could lead to much more serious damage? In other words, please remember to get your cavities filled as soon as you find out about them.

You see, cavities are formed by tooth decay and erosion over time. Typically, this decay is the result of bad bacteria in your mouth eating away at your dentin and enamel, which are the outer layers of your teeth. Fortunately, by brushing and flossing, you can remove this harmful bacteria before it causes serious problems. As you probably know, this is one reason daily oral care is so important to the health of your mouth.

Problems with cavities usually start when you neglect brushing and flossing. However, did you know that you won’t be able to reverse the damage caused by a cavity after it’s formed, even with brushing and flossing? Fortunately, you can choose to have a filling placed, which will restore the functionality of your tooth and stop decay from spreading further.

Fortunately, having cavities filled is relatively painless, especially if you fill the crown as soon as it appears. Similarly, most insurances will pay to fill a cavity, while some won’t pay for more expensive treatments that may be necessary if a cavity isn’t filled quickly enough.

If you are worried that you have a cavity, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Powell for a checkup. Our team, will assess your mouth and develop a plan to help you address any issues.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with us, please contact West Jordan Dental Office at phone. We’re eager to receive your call.