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Having a tooth knocked out is one of the most serious dental emergencies there is. If it happens, remember us at Jordan Landing Smiles in West Jordan – and make a beeline to our office.

Whether it happens while playing sports or an accident in the home, a knocked out tooth can often be saved if it is treated within an hour. We must stress that: when a tooth is knocked out, you’re in a race against the clock to have it treated.

The first thing to do when a tooth is knocked out is to find it. Handle it carefully, and keep it in the best condition possible. If you can, place it back in the socket. That may not be possible. You can place it into a saline solution, into a container of milk, or even just under your tongue. But keep it moist, and head to our office.

One critical note: when picking up the knocked out tooth, only touch it by the crown, which is the biting and chewing part. Never touch the root.

At Jordan Landing Smiles in West Jordan our services include emergency dental care. Patients from Kearns, Midvale, and Salt Lake come here for urgent care, as well as  our complete general dentistry.

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