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Most people are uncomfortable with a missing tooth in the front of their mouth. A gaping hole in a smile has negative connotations for adults in most social circles, which is one reason why dental implants from Jordan Landing Smiles in West Jordan are so popular.

When someone loses a back tooth, on the other hand, they are more likely to leave the gap. After all, it doesn’t show when they smile and there are other teeth to take over the chewing. Why not leave it alone, and save some money? Actually, there are some very good reasons to replace a back tooth with an implant.

  • It’s harder to eat. Your molars play an important role: they’re the teeth that grind, crush, and mash food before you swallow it. Yes, there are other molars to chew with. But when one is missing, it’s a lot harder to eat. This is especially true with foods that are tough or crunchy, like meats, raw fruit, and raw vegetables.
  • Adjacent teeth may start shifting. When there’s a gap in the jaw, the teeth on either side tend to move or rotate into that space. This can affect your bite. When teeth are gone, you become more vulnerable to gum disease, decay, or TMJ pain.
  • Underlying bone eventually pulls back. Without the tooth root, the jaw bone begins to recede. This changes the dimensions of the face, giving it a sunken appearance. The vertical shortening proceeds and becomes more pronounced as you get older.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw, where it acts as a replacement tooth root. An artificial tooth goes on top of the post. Several implants can support dentures.

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, a dental implant from Jordan Landing Smiles in West Jordan may be just you need. We also have a full range of general dentistry services. Call our office West Jordan Dental Office to schedule an appointment today!


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