tooth decay pictures at Are you the parent of young children? Like all parents, you want them to grow up happy and healthy – and that includes their dental health. The dentistry at Jordan Landing Smiles in West Jordan can help.

Your first step is a prevention consultation to determine their current dental health. Their dental condition is influenced by dietary habits, previous dental work, physical health, medications, lifestyle and family history. After a comprehensive analysis, we’ll establish a  plan just for them.

A prevention plan is a multi-faceted approach designed to maintain optimum dental health. It involves twice-yearly exams to root out any problems before they progress. Deep cleanings prevent a multitude of serious dental issues.

Oral health cannot, of course, be maintained solely in our office. It’s essential that you establish a good brushing and flossing routine for your kids. A healthy diet is necessary to deliver benefits to their whole body.

At West Jordan Dental Office, we love patients of all ages. We provide general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today!