Mouthwash Facts In West Jordan

In this post from Jordan Landing Smiles in West Jordan we’re going to discuss mouthwash. Many people use mouthwash to freshen their breath and help prevent tooth decay. While some mouthwash has cavity-fighting additives, it should never be used exclusively. Good dental health is centered on regular brushing and flossing.

It is important to know what kind of mouthwash you’re using. Some merely mask bad breath, while others help reduce the bacteria that causes plaque.

If you cope with bad breath, it is important to use a mouthwash with ingredients that also help prevent tooth decay, such as fluoride.

Some of the ingredients can be dangerous. The things to watch out for are chlorhexidine gluconate, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and methyl salicylate. If you experience throat pain, vomiting, headache, or abdominal pain after using mouthwash, seek medical help immediately.

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