AN ACCIDENT OR INJURY can occur in your mouth, just like any other part of your body. Some of these can be quite serious and require immediate action to prevent further complications. While you can never completely prevent an oral emergency from happening, Jordan Landing Smiles would like to share with you a few common items you can stock in your first aid kit to help treat an oral emergency, should one occur.

Waxed dental floss is a good tool if a foreign object gets stuck between your teeth or in your gums. Its waxy coating makes it easier for the strand to slide between teeth to free the obstruction. You might want to also keep a floss threader in the kit, if you need to work around foreign object from a different angle.

If one of your teeth is knocked out and is wholly intact, Dr. Powell might be able to implant it back into the socket. In order to have any chance of doing this, the tooth needs to be alive. You can preserve the tooth by keeping it between your cheek and gums. There are tooth preservation products that do an even better job of doing this. These are usually a container with a nourishing gel, and you simply put the tooth in the can and seal it tight.

Stocking salt packets and a plastic cup in your first aid kit will help you make a salt water rinse quickly. This can help clear blood and debris from your mouth and also help soothe injured tissues. Topical oral analgesic can be rubbed onto your gums to partially numb the area for a short time.

If you are interested in other items you should stock in your first aid kit, or tips for reducing your chances of suffering an oral injury, you can call West Jordan Dental Office for more information.