Filtered West Jordan Water And Oral Health

A simple way to protect your beautiful smile is to avoid sugary beverages, and make water your go-to drink. Sounds safe and easy. However, many brands of bottled water do not contain fluoride, because the filtration process has removed it.

Fluoride is known to strengthen teeth. It’s most often heard of as an aid to growing teeth in children, but it’s actually good for teeth no matter your age. By making the teeth stronger, they become more resistant to tooth decay.

If you drink bottled water and are wondering if any naturally occurring fluoride has been removed, you can check the label. If you prefer to filter tap water, look to see if the American Dental Association has given the filter its seal of approval.

Water filters that carry the ADA seal don’t remove fluoride, so you can be sure that the fluoride is still in your water and strengthening your teeth.

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