Signs of Toothaches

Are you feeling pain or discomfort from your mouth and believe that a tooth is to blame? If so, you might have a toothache. Treatments for toothaches depend on the damage involved. If your toothache persists, you could be at a major risk for an infection and further underlying issues not only with your teeth but your overall health.

If you continue to feel pain in a tooth even after taking any pain-relieving medications, you may have damage to your nerve endings in your pulp. Nerve damage can also occur if you continue to feel pain 24 hours after a tooth has been knocked out or extracted. However, not all toothaches are strictly connected to pain, as some can be more visual in nature.

If you see an abscess around a tooth, your pulp may be in trouble. Facial rashes, high fevers, irregular chills, and noticeable discharge are all frequent signs and symptoms of a toothache. If you think that your pulp may be infected or damaged, speak with your dentist as soon as possible to seek out possible signs of a toothache.

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