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Most people know that flossing is an important part of dental health. (At Jordan Landing Smiles, the dentist keeps reminding you!) The value of this simple yet important exercise has been shown time and time again.

Flossing offers a chance to remove bits and pieces that a toothbrush can’t reach. But, being afraid of the ‘cavity bugs,’ ‘mouth germies,’ or the ‘dental bogeyman’ may still not compel everyone to floss regularly. The fear of gingivitis and gum disease or crowns and fillings from cavities work for a week or so after a cleaning, but may not instill a lasting habit between teeth cleanings.

At Jordan Landing Smiles, we encourage our dental patients to look at flossing as an opportunity to start fresh just as showering and dressing for the day is a positive way to increase motivation and initiate flossing into your established routine. Flossing can be a positive opportunity to remind yourself to smile and feel happy as you approach your day.

Flossing could be a time to think about the foods you are putting into your mouth and consider what improvements could be made to your diet. Living in health-conscious a community can also help motivate you to floss regularly. The fresh air you breath on a short walk will feel smooth as you run your tongue along the ridges of your teeth near the gums.

At Jordan Landing Smiles, we do our best to promote dental health in all our patients, and daily flossing is a key part of the equation. Our services include general and cosmetic dentistry. Make your next appointment with us today at West Jordan Dental Office.


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