We all know that there are plenty of foods and drinks that can damage our teeth and gums, but did you ever wonder if there are any foods that can make your teeth stronger? The truth is that yes, there are foods that can actually protect your tooth enamel and minerals that can rebuild it.

Within various foods, two specific minerals stand out: calcium and phosphorus. They both have the ability to re-mineralize tooth enamel to keep your teeth healthy and strong for many years to come. Typical foods that include a healthy dose of these minerals include chicken, a variety of cheeses and nuts and milk.

Because plaque is such as harmful ingredient to your teeth, it is important to eat foods that can wash away plaque buildup. This includes foods with high water content, such as pears and apples. The crunchy texture of pears and apples combined with their high-water content make them perfect for washing away plaque buildup. Also consider looking for foods that increase saliva output, as this can help wash away plaque and neutralize acids.

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