Diet Changes For Healthier Teeth In West Jordan

In this blog post from Jordan LandingSmiles, we are focusing on diet and dental health.

We hope you brush and floss regularly and visit our practice for regular cleanings. But did you know that making small yet important changes to your diet can improve your dental health?

Most people are aware that the sugar found in candy, cookies, juices and sodas can harm your teeth, but some people don’t realize that all carbohydrates can cause cavities. A handful of pretzels or a piece of pumpernickel bread can have the same effect on your teeth as a fudge brownie.

All carbohydrates break down into simple sugars, which are converted into plaque, which can then cause cavities and gum disease. Carbs are naturally sticky and adhere to your teeth. Eating carbs with meals is healthier than eating them as snacks because more saliva is generated at mealtime. Saliva helps prevent food particles from sticking to teeth.

Another important way people can improve their dental health is to get more calcium: 800mg a day for men and 1,000mg for women under 50. Calcium helps strengthen your jaw and secure your teeth firmly in the jaw bone.

Diet alone will not prevent cavities and dangerous gum disease for dental patients, but wise eating promotes healthy teeth and gums.

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