Aren’t you glad that spring is finally here? The weather is warmer, flowers are blooming, and even the occasional spring storm can’t dampen how happy Mother Nature seems to be to put on brighter colors. And speaking of bright, how is your smile doing? It might be time to tune it up a little with a whitening treatment.

Teeth lose their luster over time from factors like food staining, discoloration from medication and tobacco use, and even just age. And there are all kinds of whitening procedures you can use, with varying degrees of effectiveness. At-home whitening products, such as special toothpastes or whitening strips, can be good for mild to moderate results. Tray-based treatments are also available, and can be a little stronger. Most home treatments can take a couple of weeks for full results to be seen. You should consult with Dr. Powell before starting one, since misuse can have some negative effects.

For a powerful, lightning-fast whitening treatment, come to Jordan Landing Smiles and experience our Sinsational Smile® system. This process uses silicone trays and an LED accelerating light that quickly activates the whitening gel. The best part? You smile is whitened significantly in only 20 minutes! You’ll also get a maintenance pen to take home, extending the effects of treatment even longer.

A bright smile is a great way to show and regain confidence. If you want to step into spring with a radiant new smile, please call our West Jordan Dental Office today. And have a great spring!